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Credit Valley Hospital

  • Project: Credit Valley Hospital
  • Electrical Value: 12,600,000.00
  • Construction Manager: Brian Jones

Credit Valley Hospital Expansion and The Carlo Fidani Cancer Centre involved the construction of 400,000 square feet of offices and cancer center and 144,000 square feet of new parking garage. “Glulam timer trees” are the focal point of the central atrium and created some of the more difficult electrical challenges.

Due to the unique construction of this project there were some challenges translating design to construction. Through our vast history and experience with hospital projects, we effectively assisted with this translation.

This project had very unique construction challenges from the “trees” in the lobby to the concrete bunkers for cancer treatment. There were also several issues with the existing systems and tie ins that needed to be co-ordinated. We worked with Cancer Care Ontario, the other trades and engineers to ensure that the methods and materials used would coordinate and integrate into the radiation treatment environment. Working with the suppliers and hospital staff helped mitigate the issues with tie ins to existing systems Every hospital has its own set of unique challenges and staff/patient interactions. We bring from every hospital project we work on an understanding of how to work with these challenges. Bridgepoint hospital will also be a phased construction and demolition project with some work to be completed within the existing facilities and within the areas occupied by staff and even patients.