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  • Project: VIVA NEXT, Phase II

VIVANEXT Phase II is an infrastructure project for the York Region and VIVA Transit authority that was carried out and managed by the Ellis Don / Coco Paving joint venture ( EDCO ). This project was designed with the following objectives in mind:

  • ¬†increase traffic flow by optimizing York Region’s exclusive ” Centracs ” traffic signal monitoring and controls system
  • increase public transit efficiency and minimize delays by implementing GPS guided Transit Signal Priority ( TPS ) systems on all VIVA buses
  • Promote cycling and public transit use by providing designated lanes and remotely controllable signal systems for each.

Guild Electric was the only electrical subcontractor on this project, and successfully carried out all electrical and communications work inclusive of 29 temporary and permanent signal intersections, approximately 52 Kilometers of roadway, cyclist and pedestrian lighting with 10 state -of-art VIVA bus shelters which can be fully monitored and operated remotely from York Region’s control room.

To achieve successful operation and control of the systems, Guild’s scope of work included, but was not limited to the supply and installation of all: lighting, power and distribution, fiber networks and communications, UPS units, security & camera systems, transit signal priority systems and Centracs system integration.