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Project Overview

Ontario’s 400-series highways are the principal road transportation corridors in southern Ontario and have very high volumes of traffic. Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has made significant investments in electronic systems that facilitate the active management of traffic. Used in combination, Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) and Variable Message Sign (VMS) technologies monitor traffic conditions and provide drivers with real-time information to reduce delays caused by accidents and roadwork and increase the response time of emergency services.

Location Central Ontario
Completion 2022

Project Highlights

Guild’s Highways & Traffic division has decades of experience with the installation and maintenance of these technologies. We played a key role in the upgrading of VMS systems across central Ontario, swapping in new signs for the old ones and updating the communication network at each location. There were some challenges to be met, including the need to reuse existing sign foundations and structure, and the coordination of nighttime lane closures to accommodate cranes and the delivery and removal of the massive signs. The work went smoothly, with the new full-colour LED displays contributing to efficient traffic management on Ontario’s busiest routes.