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Strong partnerships, shared success.

Guild has the resources to take on big projects, but the relationship is always personal.

Adding Value,
Managing Risk

Design/Build and Design/Assist projects are a large and important part of our project mix. Our customers know they can count on Guild for high quality, competitive pricing, and a detail-oriented approach that mitigates risk. We leverage our trusted place In the Industry supply chain and the depth of our in-house expertise to provide confident planning, estimating, and design services to our partners.

Adding value is a priority at Guild. We’re proactive, we always think in terms of constructability, and we take pride in our ability to find alternative materials and innovative construction solutions as needed.

We’re Team Players

It’s our job to build the systems that put electricity to work. But there’s something else we build – solid collaborative relationships with our customers. We listen to our clients, learn their priorities, and put their interests first when we map out the best way to approach a project.

Our commitment to customer service goes deep. We always answer the call, maintaining clear lines of communication and accountability. And we’ve developed an industry-wide reputation for creative troubleshooting, with sophisticated solutions to the most challenging problems. We often work with the same customers over successive projects – legacy relationships that last for years and even decades.

We look after our customers, whatever the scale.

Getting the Details Right

Guild has a long track record of successful project management. Staying on top of the details – timeline, costs, materials, equipment, labour – is vital. So is clear and timely communication. Our field staff and our management teams use state-of-the-art technologies to coordinate logistics, track materials and progress, and measure performance. In our documentation and reporting practices we emphasize accuracy, thoroughness, and transparency for the benefit of every team member. This disciplined approach to project management is aligned with our focus on customer service.

We deliver on our promises.

Real Teamwork

Our culture is built around the idea that every person and every role is important. We support each other, and we bring the same commitment and integrity to our interactions with our customers and suppliers. That’s what real teamwork is all about – and it brings superior results.